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 Heritage and Heritage-related Organizations in the US and Beyond





Alliance of National Heritage Areas -- The Alliance of National Heritage Areas (ANHA) is a membership organization comprised of national heritage areas and partners that support and practice sustainable heritage development. The ANHA's activities enhance the efforts of individual Congressionally designated areas and promote the heritage development movement in America. This website is a useful resource for tracking the status and development of our nation's heritage areas in the realm of natural resource conservation, historic preservation, community revitalization, economic development, recreation enhancement, tourism, the arts, folk life, education and interpretation.

Archaeology for the Public - Society for American Archaeology --These web pages are designed for members of the public who want to know more about archaeology, as well as for archaeologists who want to know more about working with the public

Cultural Heritage News Agency – Iran --Iran’s Cultural Heritage News Agency (CHN) was inaugurated in 2002 as the only specialized and independent news agency active in the areas of culture and cultural heritage at a time when issues from this specialized domain were not taken seriously or covered extensively by the Iranian media. At present, more than 100 journalists and photographers are active in this news agency, covering news related to culture, cultural heritage, and tourism
English Heritage, UK -- English Heritage is the national organization that protects and promotes England's historic environment and ensures that its past is researched and understood. It is the Government's statutory adviser on the historic environment through Parliament, esstablished by the National Heritage Act (1983). The website fosters partnerships with central government departments, local authorities, voluntary bodies, and the private sector.
The Heritage Education Network --This website explores the area of heritage education in US school curriculum. Heritage education is defined as "the use of local, cultural, and historic resources for teaching the required curricula of grades K-12." A useful resource for teaching information and the integration of architecture, archeology, cemeteries, documents, folk life, objects and artifacts, community and family histories, photographs, historic sites, museums, and the urban landscape into the classroom.
Living Heritage (NZ) -- Living Heritage is an online bilingual initiative that enables New Zealand schools to develop and publish an online resource, based on heritage treasures in their community. Living Heritage acts to preserve history and culture in a digital format and allows children's voices to present a view of New Zealand.
The Mill Museum (Connecticut)

Preserve LA -- PreserveLA.com is a forum and clearinghouse for the latest news, information, and techniques concerning historic preservation and the history of Los Angeles and Southern California. The mission of PreserveLA.com is to provide a resource for those interested in historic preservation, and to facilitate a greater sense of community between professionals and amateurs alike. This website provides a forum and resource collection for homeowners of historic properties and for businesses as well.

Southeastern States' Cultural Heritage Resources --This website provides regional access and links to southeastern state agencies that deal with cultural heritage resources, including: historic preservation, archaeology, museums, and historic sites. Each state is listed with links to their respective state agencies, community organizations, parks and recreational information, historic commissions, museum websites, institutions, and departments of natural resources.
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