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State Agencies
(Maryland, Virginia, and Washington, D.C.)




Maryland Historical Trust--Formed in 1961, the MHT assists the people of Maryland in identifying, evaluating, preserving, protecting, and interpreting the state's significant prehistoric and historic districts, sites, structures, cultural landscapes, heritage areas, cultural objects, and artifacts, as well as less tangible human and community traditions
Maryland Department of Housing and Community Development-- The DHCD is dedicated to improving the quality of life in Maryland by working with its partners to revitalize communities, expand homeownership and affordable housing opportunities, and preserve historic sites and traditions
Virginia Department of Historic Resources-- The VDHR fosters, encourages, and supports the stewardship of Virginia's significant historic, architectural, archaeological, and cultural resources
VA Department of Housing and Community Development -- The DHCD works in partnership with local governments, nonprofit groups, and state & federal agencies to make Virginia’s communities safe, affordable, and prosperous places in which to live, work and do business
Washington, DC Historic Preservation Division --The DC Historic Preservation Office provides individual assistance to any person applying for a DC building permit affecting a historic property and strives to monitor the architecture, scale, and uniqueness of the city's old buildings
Washington, DC Office of Planning --The DC OP works with neighborhood residents, develops thoughtful revitalization plans, disseminates demographic and economic data, and incorporates historic preservation into the planning process for the District.
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