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African Diaspora Archaeology Newsletter -- The African Diaspora Archaeology Newsletterrepresents an outgrowth of the "African-American Archaeology Newsletter" that was published in hard copy editions up through 2000. Our new, online newsletter addresses the broader subject areas of African diasporas worldwide, and related archaeological and historical studies

Archaeology Magazine --An online publication of the Archaeological Institute of America

Archaeology on the Net --This website provides a large collection of archaeology related links on the Internet

Archaeological News - Archaeological Institute of America -- Archaeological news links and commentary are provided by Archaeology magazine. News items are posted daily, Monday through Friday.

Archaeological Resource Guide for Europe --The ARGE database contains links to evaluated Internet resources (mainly web pages, but also other resources such as discussion lists) concerning European archaeology

ARCHNet --ARCHNet, maintained by the Archaeological Resource Institute from Arizona State University, is the World Wide Web Virtual Library of Archaeology. The website is designed to promote appreciation, understanding, and knowledge about archaeology and the preservation and interpretation of cultural resources, both prehistoric and historic
Bibiliography of Heritage Development Resources -- Compiled by the Heritage Development Institute in partnership with the NPS National Heritage Areas Washington office. Their objective is to explore and provide information on the numerous subdisciplines of heritage development


International Journal of Historical Archaeology --International Journal of Historical Archaeology is the first authoritative resource for scholarly research on this rapidly growing field. It fulfills the needs of archaeologists, students, historians, and historical preservationists as well as practitioners of other closely related disciplines
Maryland Archaeology --see Archeological Society of Maryland under Local & Regional Associations/Organizations above
Practicing Anthropology --The goals of this publication are to provide a vehicle of communication and source of career information for anthropologists outside academia; to encourage a bridge between practice inside and outside the university; to explore anthropology in policy research and implementation; and to serve as a forum for inquiry into the future of anthropology
PreservationDirectory.com --This website is the online resource for historic preservation, building restoration and cultural resource management in the United States & Canada
PreserveNet --Established in 1994 by Cornell University, PreserveNet is designed to provide preservationists with a comprehensive database of regularly updated Internet resources and current professional opportunities. It is a collaborative effort by preservation students of various universities interested in providing preservation information to the public
Preservation Links from Preservation Maryland --This is a helpful website for information regarding assistance offered by Preservation Maryland, and links to several local organizations that provide services for various preservation activities including funding, research, and organizational development
Worldwide Email Directory of Anthropologists (WEDA) --Maintained by the University at Buffalo's Department of Anthropology, WEDA is a searchable database of address and research information about anthropologists from around the world. This is a completely volunteer project, established to encourage and aid scholarly communication
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