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Local Immigrants


Dr. Judith Freidenberg, Associate Professor of Anthropology at the University of Maryland, College Park, received a Grant Proposal Assistance Award from the Center for Heritage Resource Studies to assist with her project “The Anthropology of the Immigrant Life-Course.”

Dr, Freidenberg is focusing on Hispanic immigrant communities in Montgomery and Prince Georges counties in Maryland.  She and her collaborators assembled and mapped census data of immigrant populations and held a “Community Museum” workshop in Langley Park, Maryland.

For the workshop, approximately 30 individuals were recruited from all programs in Casa de Maryland, a community-based organization in Montgomery County that also services Latinos living in Prince Georges County.  The workshop explored such broad issues as heritage awareness, validating U.S. citizen’s interest in learning about heritage, and identifying methods to share Latino heritage.  In addition, the workshop elicited more specific discussion on the proposed museum, including selecting artifacts to share heritage and curation and program planning.

Dr. Freidenberg also is conducting related research in Argentina.

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