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Census Key: Mortality

1850 U.S. Census: Mortality Schedules for Hadley Township, Pike County, Illinois

The mortality schedules record the people who died in the twelve months before the census was taken.  In 1850, no distinction was made by township.  This database includes all of the deaths that occurred in the West Division of Pike County, including Hadley Tp.

In the “Remarks” section at the bottom of the schedules, the enumerator wrote the following assessment of his district’s health conditions:

There was some few cases of Cholera in my District in 1849. I know of no local cause for the same.  The Fever and Ague has been prevalent upon the River & [illegible] is becoming less so as the Country becomes settled.  The Water is impregnated with lime.  The Soil is a rich Loam it varies in depth from Six inches to Six feet.  My Division of the County is nearly equally divided into Timber Prairie and what is called here Barrens.  There are various kinds of Timber.  Black White and Red Oak.  Black & White Walnut.  Elm, Linn.  Hickory & Ash.

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Original Enumerator’s Schedule

New Philadelphia Project Database Field




Each record (one person) has a consecutive number.

Name of every person who died during the Year ending 1st June, 1850, whose usual Place of Abode at the Time of his Death was in this Family


Names are as the enumerator spelled them.


Description:  Age


Age in years.  For children under 1, we entered 0.


For children under 1, their age in months.

Description:  Sex


m = male; f = female

Description:  Color


Omitted, enumerator left this blank on all entries, implying all were white.

Free or Slave


Omitted, no slaves in West Division, Pike Co.

Married or widowed


m = married; w = widowed (single left blank)

Place of birth.  Naming the state, territory, or country


We use standard USPS abbreviations for states.  Foreign countries are written out in full.  Spelling is corrected.

The Month in which this person died


We use standard 3-letter abbreviations.  Note that deaths from Jun. - Dec. occurred in 1849; deaths from Jan. - May occurred in 1850.

Profession, occupation, or trade



Disease or cause of death


Disease is given as the enumerator wrote it.  See Comments field for interpretation.

Number of days ill


Period of time the deceased was ill before death.



Interpretation of enumerator’s abbreviations of cause of death.  (Modern names for the diseases and conditions are given in parentheses.4) Problems encountered in reading the enumerator’s handwriting.

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