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Michael Paolisso
(Ph.D., University of California-Los Angeles, 1985)

Executive Board
Center for Heritage Resource Studies
University of Maryland, College Park

Associate Professor
Department of Anthropology
University of Maryland, College Park

Phone:  (301) 405-1433
Email:  Mpaolisso@umd.edu


Eastern Shore, Maryland

Michael Paolisso has performed research in environmental change, household economics, gender and development, and research methods. He has worked on research projects in Latin America, Kenya, Nepal. In Honduras, for example, his research focused on the gendered use of natural resources. In recent years, Paolisso undertaken a number of projects in the Chesapeake Bay watershed that focus on the cultural construction of such concepts as nature, environment, pollution, conservation, native and non-native, uncertainty, and management. The goal of this research is to introduce cultural analysis into research and management efforts that seek to restore and protect the natural and cultural resources of the Chesapeake Bay watershed.

In terms of cultural resources, his research has focused on differing cultural understandings of heritage, applied to different Chesapeake stakeholder groups. For example, he has investigated the differing views about watermen and the role that their work and communities play in constructing Chesapeake heritage. He has also focused on the application of the construct of heritage to farmers, and the ways that farmlands are being redefined as part of the regionís heritage that is worthy of conservation and economic support. Paolisso also organizes an exhibit booth at the annual Labor Day Skipjack Festival on Deal Island that illustrates the culture and heritage of the skipjacks and the watermen communities.

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