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Erve Chambers
(Ph.D., University of Oregon, 1973)

Executive Board
Center for Heritage Resource Studies
University of Maryland, College Park

Professor and Chair
Department of Anthropology
University of Maryland, College Park

Phone:  301-405-1425

Erve Chambers is a member of the Executive Board for the Center for Heritage Resource Studies.  Chambers has been instrumental in developing Applied Anthropology in the United States.  He is past president of the Society for Applied Anthropology and he is the founding editor for one of its journals—Practicing Anthropology.  In 2004 he was awarded the Society for Applied Anthropology's Sol Tax Distinguished Service Award.  In 2005 Chambers served as the Program Chair for "Heritage, Tourism and Environment", the Annual Meetings of the Society for Applied Anthropology. His areas of interest include tourism and urban and regional development.  He has conducted field research in Thailand, Mexico, and in several parts of the United States.

His current research and theoretical activities focus on issues related to sustainable tourism development.  He also maintains a strong general interest in the ways in which anthropological knowledge influences and is influenced by contemporary cultural discourse.  

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